Valorant announces its new map ‘Kingdom’

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The official Valorant accounts around the world echoed a trailer starring encryption and deadlock where some parts of the new Valorant map’Kingdom‘.

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As if this wasn’t enough, since Riot has announced more news related to this for the next few days and until the next August 26. Presumably in the coming days we will see more news related to this map and some about the game in general.

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While it’s true that the teaser doesn’t reveal much information about what this new map will look like, it does reveal the exterior of a boxed building, very much in the style of ice box and, most interestingly, a kind of portal throughout in the style of Bind.

This portal, which according to what is deduced in the teaser, has a great also important on a narrative level in the plot of valorantcan be a distinguishing element at a strategic level, such as the ziplines of Fracture or the aforementioned portals of tie.

Whatever happens with this new space, it’s likely we’ll have a new play space full of nooks and crannies, very much in the style of the latest maps. Pearl and fracture. To know more news, we will have to wait for the next one August 26 time when we will see what Riot has prepared for us.

Source: Esports AS

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