The next VALORANT Masters are in Madrid: all the news

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Riot Games is not that it likes Spain as a destination for its esports tournaments, events and others, but that it likes Loves and it is one of the fetish lands of the insurgents as has been shown in recent years.

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In VALORANT, Riot’s great competitive bet since its launch, there have already been several major tournaments in Spain, although it will be in 2024 when we do the biggest tournament in our country so far.

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And that has been confirmed Madrid will be the first stop of the category masters of VCT 2024. The capital will be the first city on the international competitive circuit, the first time to host a tournament of this caliber in VALORANT. Previously, the locations for the Masters were Reykjavík, Berlin and Copenhagen.

Of course, Madrid has been the venue for international caliber tournaments for games like League of Legends, CS:GO or Rocket League, so it’s a capital accustomed to the media coverage of esports.

In addition, we fortunately have representation from various Spanish organizations such as Team Heretics, Giants or KOIas well as Spanish players like Fit1nho, Mixwell or Koldamenta.

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All news confirmed by Riot Games regarding VCT 2024

  • The Madrid Masters for 2024 have been confirmed
  • It follows the Challenger circuit of rank 2 competitions with the possibility of promotion to the top tier
  • They have promoted The GUard, Gentle Maters and Bleed Esports and can compete internationally
  • The Chinese competition opens, the 4th professional competition on the circuit
  • There will be championship points to determine qualifications for international tournaments

VCT calendar

VCT calendar

VCT calendar
/Riot Games

Source: Esports AS

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