Mixwell would consider not competing in 2024 and Heretics will change their roster

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The VCT champions ended with Evil Geniuses winning and with potter making history in esports it is the turn of one of the most anticipated phases for many fans of competitive VALORANT.

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That phase when one player leaves his club, the other stops competing and that star of the club amateur fully join a top organization. Yes, the transfer market and the rumours they have already started and in a frantic way.

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One of the key figures in this market and who also specializes in League of Legends is the Spaniard Alejandro Gomis, known for anonymity in networks that have already dropped one of the market bombs.

Evidently, Team Heretics would completely renovate are schedule from VALORANT omitting Keloqz and AvovA and changing the role to Boo, who takes the smoker of the team.

In addition, he has mentioned the great Spanish star, the main player and content creator in the Spanish language scene: Mix wellwhat could not compete in 2024 neither for heretics, nor for any club.

As he points out, Mixwell is considering leaving the competitive season for a season and not participating in the VCT 2024, perhaps because he doesn’t want to try it so much or maybe because it is very comfortable pennant.

And it is that the Spaniards, who create content and broadcast the VCT finals, have achieved an average of 22,000 viewers and peaks of 62,000 on Twitch in the last month, racking up impressive data with a reach of 9200 subscribers and 1 million followers.

Therefore, Mixwell’s decision, whatever it may be, will be the right one: either compete and remain a reference in this respect, or focus more on current and give VCT contests on his channel like cocurrent officially.

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