xQc is interested in joining VALORANT by purchasing The Guard

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A few days ago, one of the biggest scandals in the history of the North American VALORANT competitive scene erupted with the case of The Guard, a team that, after participating in the Ascension Americas 2023, secured its place for the VCT Americas 2024/2025.

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However, the organization did not communicate well with Riot Games and the developer made this known to the team he was out of the competitionclosing the doors to promotion for the season.

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Faced with massive community complaints, Riot pulled out and while the ban on The Guard is still in effect, not the players and they can look for an organization that wants to participate in the VCT next year.

and here it comes in an important garlands of the planet who also knows esports very well: xQca figure that does not only have a lot of money behind it the millions he received from Kickbut it has been in the ecosystem for a long time.


xQc joins Overwatch

Felix Lengyel, as his real name is, competed in Overwatch from 2016 to 2020, participated in several World Cups with Canada and was part of the best teams in the world, best known for their Winston.

Now, xQc could return to esports buying The Guard’s team and giving them a place to compete, to make sure of that he would do it even if it cost him a lot of moneybut he qualified his words.

“The problem is that I wouldn’t have time to organize everything and be aware of the problems schedulesays xQc, assuring that while he can delegate all that, he likes to keep an eye on important things like where the players live, how they go and the personal treatment with them. Also both G2 Esports as FlyQuest they are also interested.

Maybe he said it lightly and started thinking about it, but the truth is that xQcwho has already been on teams like Luminosity as a content creator, could return to esports with its own organization. And we already warned it would be gigantic.

Source: Esports AS

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