Haven upgrades to allow same-sex couples: more representation

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Game Bakers Updated heaven let Same-sex couples And then turn on Gay representation In your video game. The patch, which is now available for download in all versions of the game, thus opens the door to great public demand as this option was not available at the time of release of the work.

Production Limits and Costs: Updated with new drawings and dialogs

Developed by Furi’s authors, Haven is an action-packed adventure with a shared aspect of a couple life we ​​know. yu And Kay. From this moment the situation changes Alternate versions of both characters. Development Studio, with the voice of its Creative Director, Emeric Toa, Explained why Because there was no gay couple at the beginning of the game.

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He said the goal was to unite same-sex characters from the premiere, but this failed due to limited production – their re-recording was required. More than 80,000 dialogues with Two new voice actors, Design of new 2D and 3D characters And also implement these lines of text. None of them change the evolution of adventures that begin and end the same way.

“We hope that many players will be better represented in the game”

port It is about freedom, to love whoever you want“- explains Emerick Toa in the recording. “From the very first concept of the game, we created several pairs of games that have a variety of relationships. However, the limitations of our independent team production force us to focus only on Yu and Kay. We wanted to start working on this update after the game was released. We hope that many players will be better represented in the game. “

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port Available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series, PS5 and PC consoles via Steam, Epic Games Store and GOG.

Source: Meri Station AS

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