PlayEquall, a campaign to promote equality, inclusion and diversity in video games, was born

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The Spanish Video Game Association (AEVI) has announced the launch of the initiative # Play au pairA campaign in which the video game industry seeks to unite “to strengthen the industry’s commitment to the values ​​of equality, diversity and inclusion.”

With an already accessible web portal, the organization, which represents all the representatives of the value chain of the industry in Spain, presented this project, which aims to promote a healthy and inclusive culture of all genders, races, relationships, sexual orientation or socioeconomics. Status is presented.

#Play the same And its six major commitments, the current project

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There are currently over 16 million players in Spain of all ages, genders and statuses. This heterogeneity shifts to the development industry, where creators and creators are as diverse as those who consume their work. “Taking care of equality, inclusiveness and diversity at both levels is one of the goals of #PlayEquall,” they said in a statement.

These values Equality, Variation And Turn on This is part of the key issues being worked on by ISFE, a Brussels-based organization representing the European video game industry, of which AEVI is a member. In this context, #PlayEquall aims to bring together all stakeholders in the Spanish video game industry; Like other countries around us like the UK (#RaiseTheGame campaign) or Germany (Declaration of Difference, Hier Spielt Vielfalt).

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In their statements Jose Maria MorenoAEVI Managing Director: “#PlayEquall is an invitation from the industry to take a clear stand in favor of diversity, equality and inclusion, and that all actors in the industry are actively involved in adhering to these values.

Platform, a Code of Ethics Jointly prepared by various representatives of its constituent sector. You are making big commitments For equality and diversity at all levels: teams, events and the same video games. In social networks Play the same This initiative answers any questions and provides additional details.

  1. Promoting areas of discrimination, racism, male chauvinism, homophobia, transphobia or intolerance of any kind.
  2. Applying the values ​​of diversity and equality in teams and structures
  3. Optimally develop your talents and skills in video game companies.
  4. Actively address the abuse and harassment of power to create inclusive and secure spaces for participation.
  5. Work in video games for fair, unbiased and balanced representation.
  6. Discuss all aspects of diversity and equality in our games, teams, shows and events.

More information Even play; AEVI

Source: Meri Station AS

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