Returnal shows the survival mode in 18 minutes of the game

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The life and death cycle is not over for Selenium, the main character of Returnal. Not even the exclusive PS5 game developed by Housemarque has said the last word. Play State of Play On March 9, the studio announced a free Ascension update that will introduce a survival mode known as the Tower of Sisyphus. Now the PlayStation has a video on its official YouTube channel. Game Videos 18 minutes can be seen below these lines.

Inside Sisyphus Tower You can go up and down, but the end will never reach the hero. The main goal is to climb higher and kill as many enemies as possible. Before the inevitability of death Arrival without medication. Of course, as the character ascends to higher levels he will have to meet even stronger opponents.

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“It simply came to our notice then Sense of performance. Each stage of the tower ends with a meeting with Algo, which becomes more difficult as the regime progresses. “Unlike campaign mode, you also need to score good points in the Tower,” said director Harry Krueger on the official PlayStation blog.

Online collaboration mode

Back to top: Ascension not only introduces this mode, but also introduces one of the most requested features, in Co-op mode. Near the scene, on the Chronosis portal, there is always the opportunity to create or participate in private and public matches online. After establishing the union, Selena of another time Join forces to meet the horrors of the planet Atropos, which is controlled by another player.

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The main game works a Fraudulent build Combined with a third-person combat system. Death is just the beginning.

Source: Meri Station AS

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