A Cyberpunk 2077 sequel could be mocked by CD Projekt

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CD Projekt Red says it may be interested in developing a sequel cyberpunk 2077. Last week, the Polish studio confirmed that it is preparing to release new DLCs. cyberpunk 2077 to be appointed in 2023 ghost freedom. And while this addon seems to mark the end of general support for the game, it looks like more Cyberpunk-related games are coming in the future.

As noted on the latest earnings call, CD Projekt VP Michal Nowakowski has made it clear that the company intends to do more. cyberpunk 2077 along the road. at lunch ghost freedom Nowakowski also pointed out that further development of Cyberpunk IP is planned as just one of these plans.

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“We have decided to develop a great expansion for Cyberpunk that will take advantage of all the features of next-gen consoles. However, we are committed to further developing Cyberpunk IP beyond this particular cyberpunk expansion,” said Nowakowski. We took the time to build this franchise and we want to continue to build on what is now being built with fundamentally new stories, new experiences, new content. Not just in video game format. As for the expansion, there will only be one major expansion. But new things will happen in the future. “

While Novakowski never confirmed there was a sequel, cyberpunk 2077 In the works, it seems clear that this will be one of the ideas CD Projekt will try to address. However, it remains to be seen if there will be a follow-up. cyberpunk 2077 It could have happened any time. It is currently in development by CD Projekt Red. witch 4 (probably the title) and has already announced its plans for this game as the first of a new saga. As such, it’s unclear how CD Projekt will work on The Witcher and Cyberpunk at the same time, but we’re sure to learn more in the future.

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