GoldenEye 007 Online Multiplayer Will Be Exclusive To Nintendo Switch | level up

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Confirmed this morning golden eye 007 It will be re-released for Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles. It is a product that fans are very excited about, but now there is news that may disturb some. What’s happening is that the online multiplayer game has been confirmed to be platform exclusive.

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on the official website golden eye 007 Classic Nintendo 64 game Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. It is clear that this re-release will have online multiplayer, but it will only be available on the Nintendo Switch version, which will be part of the Nintendo SwitchOnline catalog.

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It will be the online game exclusive to the Nintendo Switch version of the 1997 game, which will allow 007 fans from around the world to join the popular 4-player multiplayer mode.

Source: Level Up

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