GoldenEye 007 will also come to Xbox and Xbox Game Pass | level up

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Many rumors kept us waiting for a long time, but it finally became the official one that many wanted to hear: golden eye 007 It will be re-released for Nintendo Switch. But that’s not all! What’s happening is that this classic will also be available on Xbox and will be part of the Xbox Game Pass catalog.

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In a post on Xbox Wire, Microsoft golden eye 007 For Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. Classic Nintendo 64 game coming to Xbox as part of rare againSo owners of the Rare Classics Collection can enjoy it at no additional cost.

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owners rare again they’re not the only ones to have fun with golden eye 007 without having to pay extra. The truth is, the classics collection is also part of the Xbox Game Pass catalog, so the same thing golden eye 007.

Unfortunately, Xbox has not announced when it will arrive. Golden eye 007. However, it has made it clear that they will have more details on the matter soon. We will be watching to share all the news.

Source: Level Up

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