GTA 6 leaks drive Take-Two Interactive stock prices down

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Confirmed by Rockstar Games this Monday morning (19), the leaks of various content related to grand theft auto 6 Dyed immediate impact on the roles of its owner, Interactive Take-Two. According to Reuters, already at the opening of the markets, the company’s shares were experiencing a 6% devaluation in its price.

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Although the figure has recovered somewhat since then, it remains below what the company had recorded last week. The situation must be quite negative for the publisher, accentuating a downward movement that caused it to depreciate 31% in the last year.

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In a statement sent Monday, Take-Two Interactive confirmed that it was the victim of a hacker who obtained sensitive material from its servers. However, the company claimed that this should not affect your development processes or the operation of live services What gta online Y red dead online.

GTA 6 leak is a disaster for Take-Two

According to the research firm Jefferies, the leak of GTA 6, one of the most anticipated games of all time, It’s a real “PR disaster”. The company believes that the dissemination of images can forcing Take-Two Interactive to delay the gamein addition to having a great weight on the morale of the responsible team.

Rockstar Games says the situation is not expected to have “long-term impacts,” but part of his team is already being criticized on social networks. Treating the leaked images as a finished product (which they are not), many criticize them for incomplete models and visuals too similar to GTA 5of 2013.

Several renowned developers, including Neil DruckmannDirector of the last of us, publicly expressed support for the team behind the game. The general consensus is that Leaks are harmful to both those who create GTA 6 and its communitythat he will have to live with incomplete materials and with the construction of false expectations based solely on them.

Hacker who stole the source code of GTA 6 tries to negotiate with Rockstar

Hacker who stole the source code of GTA 6 tries to negotiate with Rockstar
Insider would be asking for money not to leak new information about the franchise game

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