Overwatch 2 will require a valid mobile number to play

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Officially scheduled for release on October 4, Overwatch 2 will bring some features that were not present in the original version. Among them will be the need to have a valid mobile number to play, which will be necessary for the operation of your SMS protection system.

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The decision is a result of the game’s transition to a free-to-play model, which caused Blizzard to reconsider the security systems it offers to players. In addition to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing an accountthe system will also prevent people from quickly creating a large number of profiles, something the company believes minimize the use of cheats and bots.

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As the developer explains, only one phone number can be linked to each Overwatch 2 account. In addition, even those who already had the first game (which never depended on such a system) will have to activate the new protection if they want to continue enjoying FPS.

Overwatch 2 will have systems aimed at new players

Blizzard also announced that brings some limitations for players who are getting to know the series through Overwatch 2. Instead of gaining access to the full cast of characters right away, newbies will unlock access to heroes as they experience a series of matches and game modes.

According to the developer, you’ll need to have participated in at least 100 matches before the game unlocks access to the entire cast of the original Overwatch. She believed that by creating a more guided experience, not only it will facilitate the learning of the game, since it will discourage the use of cheats — after all, a ban means having to go through the entire learning process all over again on a new account.

Blizzard too Prevent Overwatch 2 Player Ratings From Showing Before Competitive Matches, as a way to avoid any kind of aggression towards those with lower levels. To top it off, the company confirmed that it will use language learning technologies to check game voice chats looking for abusive behavior.

Overwatch 2 runs at up to 600 frames per second thanks to the RTX 4090

Overwatch 2 runs at up to 600 frames per second thanks to the RTX 4090
The great power of the GPU made Blizzard decide to change the configuration of its new competitive game

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