Overwatch 2: Tracer has a damage bug, but it will not be removed from the game

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Credits: Disclosure/Blizzard

Since supervision 2 was released in October, players found that characters like Mei🇧🇷 torbjorn Y Bastion accompanied by bugs that forced them to be temporarily removed from the game. In the past week, the same thing happened with the Tracer attackerbut Blizzard has decided that he will stay in the game despite that.

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This happens because, if the developer fixed the issues affecting the character, she wouldn’t be of much use anymore🇧🇷 The bug makes the heroine have no damage falloff above 20 meter range from other players, allowing him to have a very efficient attack range.

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However, this is not exactly a problem since, in practice, Tracer is one of the least damaging attack characters in Overwatch 2.🇧🇷 Blizzard seems to recognize this and has been ignoring the bug ever since the game launched, though many pro players have pointed out its existence.

Blizzard considers Tracer’s damage good

In a message posted on Reddit, director Aaron Keller acknowledged that the character does not work as the developer intended, but that turns out not to be a problem. 🇧🇷While Tracer’s heavy damage falloff is definitely a miss, her overall power level is good.🇧🇷

🇧🇷We don’t plan on disabling Tracer, and when we do fix the bug, we’ll also look into additional changes to her kit to compensate.Keller explained. In other words, the character problem turned out to be an “unusual solution” to a problem that he would end up facing without his existence.

Despite Blizzard’s positioning, Overwatch 2 community has divided opinions on the heroine, which has been a constant presence in both casual and competitive battles. The developer claims that it is working on several changes to the game in its second season, which should affect both its characters and the utility of the support class.

Blizzard Promises Overwatch 2 Season 2 Will Have More Rewards

Blizzard Promises Overwatch 2 Season 2 Will Have More Rewards
The company promises that all in-game events will have at least one free skin.


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