Overwatch 2 should still take a while to reveal news of its PvE mode

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Credits: Disclosure/Blizzard

Despite supervision 2 has already attracted millions of players and debuted several new characters, one of the main novelties of the game has not yet been released🇧🇷 Promised by Blizzard during the game announcement, story-focused PvE mode has no release date yet – and news about him should still take a while to emerge.

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In a message posted on Twitter, executive producer Jared Neuss stated that currently, the developer is focusing its efforts on the second season of the game🇧🇷 According to him, while PvE and other gaming news should be discussed in the future, there is still no prediction when it will happen.

🇧🇷I know this isn’t a very satisfying answer, but I honestly can’t say more.”, Neuss said to a user of the social network. For now, in addition to planning Balance Changes for Overwatch 2 Roster CharactersBlizzard is also focusing on introducing the new Rammatra tank to the game.

Overwatch 2 is still incomplete

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Although the developer doesn’t mention this fact much of late, it has already stated in the past that Overwatch 2 would be released incompletely in October. According to the company, this happens because, although the multiplayer foundations of the game were already well established, the PvE portion still needed a lot of work🇧🇷

During the life of the first Overwatch, the company even launched several special events where it was possible to play against artificial intelligence🇧🇷 While this happened again during the sequel’s Halloween event, the company promises that the dedicated mode prepared by it will have more durable and robust features.

In late October, Blizzard publicly released the game’s content roadmap, which shows an initial focus on its multiplayer mode. By 2023, the company promises that the title will receive new maps, heroes, skins and battle passesas well as new modes that go beyond the already announced PvE.

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