Playing War Thunder has become a red flag on US background checks.

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Credits: Disclosure/Gaijin Entertainment

Known for simulating various real world conflicts and bringing highly realistic reproductions of military vehicles, War Thunder has become a risk factor for US military job seekers.. This is due to the fact that the game’s forums have become a notorious hub for leaks of confidential documents related to weapons used by governments all over the planet.

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The most recent event in this regard was reported on January 16, when details about the manual for the F-16 fighter were leaked by members of the gaming community. In this case, although the document was no longer confidential, his public part had not yet been released.

the rating of War Thunder as a warning factor was posted on the Reddit community dedicated to the game. In it, user Nafuwu claims that the defense company Raytheon asked if one of his friends (who was applying for a job) had good background and if he played the military game often.

War Thunder has an enthusiastic fan base for military technologies.

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While pretend play alone should not be considered a risk factor, continued activity on your forums may end up generating some alerts. That’s because, in their displays of enthusiasm for military technologies, some of its members end up crossing the line of what is acceptable to share.

Much of this is due to the fact that War Thunder has the proposal to realistically simulate the characteristics of military vehicles used in the real world. In order to criticize the developers or to “win arguments”, many fans of the game end up appealing for the disclosure of confidential documents.

Aware that this occurs with some frequency, the Gaijin Entertainment has strengthened its moderation team to ensure that any improper information is not available for too long. Free to play, War Thunder currently has versions for PRAYER, Playstation 4, playstation 5, xbox one, Xbox Series X|S, Mac OS Y linux.

To win the argument, the player leaks secret military documents on the War Thunder forum.

To win the argument, the player leaks secret military documents on the War Thunder forum.
The user asked the game development team to change the appearance of the tank to something more “realistic”.

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Source: Gaming Radar

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