New Xbox presentation should not have surprise announcements, reinforces presenter

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Credits: Disclosure/Microsoft

Scheduled for next Wednesday (25), Xbox’s New Joint Presentation With Bethesda Shouldn’t Be The Scene Of Surprise Announcements. The information was confirmed by members of Microsoft on Twitter, answering questions about the type of content that the presentation will bring.

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As promised by the company, the new transmission will last 43 minutes and will divide this time between four already announced games. During it, we will be able to consult more information about the future of the elder scrolls onlinejust like him possible release dates for Redfall, Minecraft Legends and the new Forza Motorsport.

As we highlighted in this announcement, our goal was to be as transparent as possible about the game/dev teams we expect to see at the show.”, affirmed one message posted on Twitter by Aaron Greenberg, director of marketing for the Xbox division. The speech was reinforced by Parris Iilly, from Kinda Funny, who should lead the presentation.

Xbox prepares new future presentations

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While Xbox Developer_Direct is supposed to be the first big game show of the year, Microsoft has confirmed that it is already preparing other transmissions for the near future. According to the company, games like Starfield will receive their own submissions, given the wide scope of their ambitions and the number of elements that need to be presented to the public.

too there are rumors that the new Forza Motorsport, although it will appear in tomorrow’s broadcast, will have a dedicated presentation in a few months. Microsoft’s intention would be to keep interest in the game alive, while revealing more information about it before the official release.

By maintaining transparency about what Xbox Developer_Direct reserves, the owner of Xbox is trying to control audience expectations and focus on the message he wants to convey. The company was widely criticized for the lack of announcements and launches during 2022, and wants to use 2023 to reassure the public that the investment in its platforms is worth it.

Phil Spencer says the Xbox layoffs were

Phil Spencer says the Xbox layoffs were “difficult but necessary decisions”
Company executives say that the message sent by the executive seems to have been written “out of obligation”

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Source: Adren Aline

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