Hogwarts Legacy promises to offer more than 100 side quests

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A few days after the official launch of Hogwarts Legacy, Avalanche revealed that the game will bring a generous amount of optional content. In addition to being able to see the main adventure, players will have the opportunity to explore more than 100 side quests while discovering the secrets of Hogwarts.

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In an interview with GamesRadar, narrative director and writer Moira Squier assured that the game will have a generous amount of content. According to her, the additional missions were created as a way of Allowing players more choice in how they approach the game’s story..

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Even the side missions, of which there are over 100, allow players to manipulate the main campaign by virtue of the experiences they’ve had.Moira explained. Although leaks have revealed that the main Hogwarts Legacy campaign will be around 35 hours long, this time should be much longer if all corners of the game are explored.

Side quests will impact the story.

The narrative director also promised that by completing an optional quest, players will also be able to change the course of the game’s main plot. She explains that the interactions made at these moments can change the way we interact with some characters and what they think about the player.

The order in which players choose to complete these missions will affect your story and gameplay. everything is interconnected”, promises the developer. However, she did not clarify if Hogwarts Legacy will block access to certain tasks depending on what the player does or whatever plot point you are at.

Inspired by the Harry Potter universe, The game will show what life was like in the famous Hogwarts school during the 19th century.. the title arrives playstation 5, Xbox Series X|S Y PRAYER on February 10, while the versions for Playstation 4, xbox one Y nintendo switch It should only start hitting stores from April of this year.

Hogwarts Legacy will not come preloaded in its PC version

Hogwarts Legacy will not come preloaded in its PC version
Players will need to download all 85 GB of the game from the day of release.

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