Hogwarts Legacy will not judge the morality of players’ actions

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Although it promises to bring a faithful representation of the world of Harry Potter, Hogwarts Legacy will not misjudge players who choose to learn and use its Unforgivable Curses.. According to Avalanche Software, the absence of any moral system is intended to allow players to explore the playstyles the game offers with greater freedom.

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According to Gamesradar, in a certain part of the game it is possible to use explosives against enemies, killing them in the process, and no characters comment on the player’s actions. The game developer claims this is intentional, as he wanted to raise the possibility that the adventure could be seen as an evil wizard.

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This is the latest incarnation of an RPG; allowing the player to be evil. Also, this was important because it comes from a place of no judgment on the part of the game creators. If you want to be bad, be bad”, explained lead designer Kelly Murphy when asked about the site Hogwarts Legacy tested.

If you want to be bad, be bad

Unforgivable curses will be released

According to Murphy, the player’s freedom of action also includes the use of unforgivable curses. However, in this case, the characters will react to the player’s actions, but not necessarily in a way that represents a judgment on the actions taken, nor imposes barriers to the quests that can be accessed.

We don’t have a moral system that punishes the player for doing this, that would be very critical of the game creator.”, explains the lead designer. “But, if the player continues with these actions, the world will reflect the knowledge of them.Murphy promised, without going into detail about what that means.

The decision of the creators of Hogwarts Legacy contrasts with the Harry Potter universe itself, in which the use of certain Unforgivable spells has physical and psychological consequences for those who cast them. At the same time, the game should make them something restricted to their most advanced momentsmaking players have to work very hard to get them.

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We play Hogwarts Legacy! See first impressions of the game
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