Phil Spencer confirms his presence on Xbox at E3 2023

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Credits: Disclosure/Microsoft

Phil Spencer put an end to the community’s doubts about the presence of Xbox at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). In an interview with IGN this week, the head of Microsoft’s gaming division revealed that they will be attending the event. This year’s edition is scheduled for June in Los Angeles, United States.

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The possibility of Xbox being present at E3 had already been speculated on in recent days, mainly because Microsoft had confirmed that it would hold an event aimed at the console precisely in June. However, since they did not say anything about what the event would be, some rumors suggested that it could be something parallel and not within the fair.

“We specifically timed our event to be there. E3 is, for me, one of the defining moments in gaming. I love the story of going to Los Angeles, thousands of people there, seeing amazing things… seeing people from the industry, the fan events we’ve had. I definitely want that to continue.”

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Spencer reiterated that the E3 presentation date has not yet been confirmed by the event organizers. However, it is in Xbox’s plans to present it annually as it already does in a traditional way. All this ensuring a good presentation for the public that will be present at E3, as well as for the press responsible for the games industry.

return of E3

E3 was canceled in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2021 there was an edition carried out completely online, very different from what the public was used to seeing. The following year, it fell through, causing the production to undergo a major overhaul before it was announced this year under the helm of PAX and Star Wars Celebration organizer ReedPop.

While the name of the event is still important, it has lost relevance in recent years thanks to less emphasis on its commercial aspects. In addition to the fact that companies have shown that they can make their announcements without depending on it, other events with a greater focus on the public, such as Gamescom, ended up being more profitable.

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