PUBG Owner Krafton Wants to Keep Expanding His Intellectual Properties

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Credits: Disclosure/Krafton

Best known for publishing PUBG, the krafton revealed in its most recent tax report that it intends to continue your planacquire and expand strong game-based intellectual property”. The company also says it wants to maintain sustainable growth in its activities while strengthening its global publishing capabilities.

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One of the company’s first efforts to expand its portfolio was the release of The Callisto Protocol, a game that hit stores in late 2022. Although the title didn’t sell as much as Krafton had hoped, she seems not to regard it as proof of failure of her current strategy.

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The company also acknowledged that PUBG will remain your top priority for the foreseeable future., but confirmed that it will also work on a “deeper catalog of titles”. At the same time, the company is willing to reinforce your investments in areas such as web3 and deep learning systems.

Krafton wants to reorganize internal processes

The statement signed by CEO CH Kim states that, for Krafton to achieve its goals, it is you will need to realign some of your internal structures and processes. “Now is the time to focus our capabilities in 2023 and emphasize our need to innovate and focus organizational capabilities, strengthen our publishing capabilities and systems, and continue to invest in the future.“, he stated.

According to Kim, one of the company’s current focuses is to explore “second hand publishing opportunities”, which will allow the company expand your game library and find attractive investment options. He also added that investment in areas like web3 has the potential to “reshape games for years to come.”

Among the projects that Krafton has already announced for the future are games like The bird that drinks tears, an adaptation of a fantasy series that is quite famous in South Korea. The company has also early access to Moonbreaker started, a strategic combat game whose main highlight is the presence of miniatures that players can customize.

Low Reception of Callisto Protocol Sends Krafton Shares Down

Low reception of Callisto Protocol sends Krafton shares down
Gambling averages lower than expected by shareholders

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