See comparison between Dead Space Remake and The Callisto Protocol

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Credits: ElAnalistaDeBits

The Callisto Protocol Y dead space remake are two action games mixed with survival horror that take place in space and have some similarities in their creative choices. Callisto Protocol launches on December 2 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC, while Dead Space Remake hits PS5, Xbox Series, and PC on January 27.

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With the arrival of the two titles, the channel TheBitsAnalyst He made a comparison showing various aspects found in the two games. It is possible to observe the differences and similarities between the two games, in similar excerpts chosen by the creator of the comparison.

Check out the comparison of The Callisto Protocol and Dad Space Remake

Differences between The Callisto Protocol and Dead Space

The comparison presents the scenario in which each of the games takes place, making clear the differences in the design chosen by the developers to present the games. The textures of each main character and his clothing and armor stand out side by side.

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The physics of how each action behaves in each of the games is also another item where the differences are shown. It is possible to distinguish similar abilities in each of the games, including even the dismemberment of some creatures and the detail of the blood that is superimposed on the armor and the ship.

With various possibilities of explosions, it is possible to identify the differences of the objects that explode, we can even observe how the fire behaves in each game. It is possible to observe the animations of attacks and movements of the main character as well as the creatures of the games.

The differences in the lighting of the scenes and objects are pointed out, as well as the reflections in glass and windows, showing the result obtained by each one of the titles.

What do you think of this comparison made between Dead Space and The Callisto Protocol? Did you find great similarities between the games? Participate in the comments with your opinion!

Callisto Protocol gets New Game + in a new update

Dead Space: see the comparison between the versions of PS5, Xbox Series S|X and PC

Dead Space: see the comparison between the versions of PS5, Xbox Series S|X and PC
The game uses a maximum resolution of 1440p on all consoles.

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Source: ElAnalistaDeBits

Source: Adren Aline

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