Forspoken Patch 1 brings better performance and graphics

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Credits: Disclosure/Square Enix

Square Enix has released the 1.1 patch for Forspoken, which has as one of its main goals to improve performance and graphic details in some segments of the well as bug fixes. The patch brings various performance optimizations to the game, with promises of improvements of up to 30%, though the actual result may vary depending on PC hardware.

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Square Enix claims to have managed to reduce processing load in specific areas and scenes of the game by up to 70%, as well as reducing VRAM usage, resulting in significant performance improvements. However, it is important to remember that the study was not able to improve all points, but this can be seen below..

The new Forspoken Patch 1.1, in addition to improving performance, brings brightness and contrast (and HDR) adjustments at the beginning of the game, improvements to lighting and ambient occlusion, higher quality brightness filters, improved textures and shadows on specific objects and more. Also, screen flickering issues with some AMD Radeon graphics cards and other minor issues have been fixed along with feature updates.

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WCCF Tech ran a series of tests after the release of the Square Enix update and noted some significant changes to Forspoken. One is a 10 FPS increase in benchmark compared to the release build. With 4K resolution and all graphics qualities maxed out, it went from 93 FPS to 103 FPS.

Unfortunately for gamers, while the title did show an improvement in graphics performance, it experienced increased load times almost every time. Although the first and second scenes loaded faster than when it was released, the other five scenes tested by WCCF Tech turned out to be slower.

The update also brought improvements to the game.

With Forspoken Update 1.10, the accuracy of magic attacks has been improved when blocking enemies. This allows you to keep up the pressure by attacking more easily, while the chamber helps with the process. Even without target focus enabled, Frey’s attacks are now more accurate and responsive.

Further improving the command system, Forspoken will allow, after taking out an enemy with the enhanced magic commands, Frey’s punches to hit the closest monsters. This feature can be especially useful during intense skirmishes and battles against multiple enemies. Therefore, Frey will no longer be affected by the crowd control of her own spells. This means that when she casts effects like slows, she will no longer be affected by the spell itself.

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Via: WCCF Tech, My PS

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