The FTC wants more details about Microsoft’s agreements with NVIDIA and Nintendo

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Credits: Disclosure/Microsoft

One of the bodies tasked with determining the future of the Activision Blizzard acquisition, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) wants to know more details on the 10-year deals Microsoft recently made with NVIDIA and Nintendo. In addition, he wants more information about the company’s intentions of exclusivity for content related to the publisher and the Zenimax catalog (owner of Bethesda).

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The request for information was made by FTC lawyers in a series of documents filed last Tuesday (15). The entity claims to have some problems with the data provided by the Xbox owner so farwhich were deemed insufficient for her to have a good understanding of his plans.

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Despite clearly planning to use these agreements in its defense, Microsoft has refused to produce internal documents related to them or communications with third parties other than NVIDIA, Nintendo, and Sony.”, explains the regulatory body. “Microsoft must not be allowed to present or rely on these agreements without producing the requested pending findings.”.

Microsoft intends to make various license agreements

The FTC’s order comes at a time when Xbox owner is stepping up the number of ads with similar features. In all cases, the company legally agrees to offer access to its catalog to subscription services for 10 years, many of them related to the world of game streaming.

Another common element of the agreements is that predict an increase in the number of titles available if the purchase of Activision Blizzard is approved. In that case, franchises like Call of Duty would also be available for systems that, in effect, act as competitors to Microsoft itself.

In filings filed this week, the FTC also asks Microsoft to disclose all already existing data of the next generation system that should replace Xbox Series X | S in the future. However, the way the request was made makes it unclear whether he wants information about the company’s upcoming hardware or about the entire future gaming ecosystem he intends to assemble.

Microsoft promises to announce new Call of Duty-related deals in the coming weeks

Microsoft promises to announce new Call of Duty-related deals in the coming weeks
The company is working hard to convince regulators that it doesn’t want the series to remain exclusive.

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