Most of the developers consulted by CMA are in favor of buying Activision Blizzard

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The UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) published this Thursday (16) some documents related to the acquisition process of Activision Blizzard. show that six development studies consulted by her were favorable to the continuation of the business.

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between them, the only one that has been publicly named is 4J Studios, which is responsible for the console versions of the Minecraft series. According to the company’s president and co-founder, Chris van der Kuyl, he is uniquely positioned to work with the game even before Mojang was acquired by Microsoft.

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During this period, which spanned several years, Microsoft honored all elements of the agreements it inherited and also significantly expanded our relationship to cover new formats like Nintendo Switch, as well as various content enhancements.”, van der kuyl said.

Studies downplayed the impact of Call of Duty

Another study not named by the CMA stated that while Call of Duty is an important series, there is no such thing as a “must have” game in today’s entertainment market. “In the context of these dynamics, and given Microsoft’s commitment to ensuring that certain games are available on all platforms, we do not believe that the proposed transaction will have a negative impact on consumers.”.

In general, the developers consulted by the CMA affirmed that they do not believe that the purchase of Activision Blizzard will affect their business or the gaming market in general. However, a studio that has released games for both Xbox and PlayStation noted that Sony’s platforms have struggled to gain traction, as the company tends to highlight big releases or “publishers who are willing to spend a lot of money on paid marketing”.

The documents must be considered positive by Microsoft, which has yet to convince the three main regulators to approve the publisher’s purchase. Meanwhile, Sony continues to act as the main opponent of the merger, even applauding that the loss of the Call of Duty series could jeopardize the entire future of its business.

Sony says that

Sony says you have “no way to protect yourself” if you lose access to Call of Duty
The company claims that none of its franchises generate the same revenue and game time as Activision’s shooter.

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