Microsoft “has no financial incentive” to pull Call of Duty from PlayStation

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Credits: Disclosure/Activision

Announced in early 2022, Microsoft’s attempted purchase of Activison Blizzard continues to draw allegations that fuel the confrontation between the Xbox owner and Sony. After the manufacturer of PlayStation stated on several occasions that it fears it will lose access to Call of Duty in the future, the rival company stated that “has absolutely no financial incentive” to do that.

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The new statement was made by Microsoft’s corporate vice president and deputy general counsel, alai rhymes, to The Verge website. He also reinforced again that this is the reason why the company “said repeatedly” that would not make the first-person shooter series an exclusive product of their platforms.

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She also clarified that Xbox’s intent is “bring games to more people, not less”. The executive explains that the CMA was wrong in the calculations it used to affirm that Call of Duty would perform better being only on Microsoft consoles than being multiplatform. “Unfortunately, there are clear errors in the numbers used to assess the small number of PlayStation consumers who might switch to Xbox in the absence of Call of Duty.Alaily explained.

Microsoft repeats statement from months ago

This isn’t the first time a Microsoft representative has insisted that making COD an exclusive franchise would make no financial sense. From September 2022 the company has repeated similar claims and has taken action to demonstrate that you are not willing to restrict access to the franchise.

Nevertheless, Sony continues to say that this is a real risk and that its business could not bear it if it lost access to the franchise.. In a series of documents sent to the CMA, he claimed that none of his exclusive games can generate as many hours of play or revenue as the shooter’s annual chapters.

The PlayStation owner also argued that the Bethesda purchase and future exclusivity of games like Starfield and The Elder Scrolls VI reveal Microsoft’s true plans. The final decision on the purchase of Activision Blizzard should only come at the end of Aprilwhen the CMA is due to render its verdict on the matter, and after that, the merger still depends on the approval of the US FTC and the European Commission.

Sony says that

Sony says you have “no way to protect yourself” if you lose access to Call of Duty
The company claims that none of its franchises generate the same revenue and game time as Activision’s shooter.

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Via: GameSpot Source: The Verge

Source: Adren Aline

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