Watch the new trailer for The Devil Whitin: Satgat

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Credits: Disclosure/Newcore Games

Newcore Games revealed last week new images of The Devil Whitin: Satgat with a never-before-seen trailer which revealed new details about the game. The studio presentation took place during the Mix Spring Showcase this past Friday, and featured Newcore’s in-development title as one of the highlights.

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Scheduled to launch in Q3 of this year for PC, The Devil Within: Satgat might look like another metroidvania on Steam, but the trailer presented at the event emphasizes the frenetic combat and a robust combo system. Players see this type of mechanic as something companies can improve on.

The platform game will put players in great challenges.

As a 2.5D action platformer, The Devil Within: Satgat follows the journey of an oriental warrior infected with demonic blood. Unraveling the secrets of a world in ruins, the player will face enemies in incredibly stylish action sequences to reach the end of the story created by the studio.

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The Steam description for the game notes that the mysterious arrival of Blackstone Tower changed the peaceful world of Joseon forever. Although the tower initially brought prosperity, it eventually released evil spirits that took over the lands. Mighty warriors tried to destroy the tower to stop the invasion, but an unfortunate betrayal led to their failure.

“The world has been destroyed and most living things have been turned into evil spirits that roam from place to place. Play as Rip Kim, a mysterious warrior who is the last of his kind. Only he can find and guide lost souls, who may still have humanity, for a resting place”, highlights the study.

Still without an official release date put forth by Newcore Games, it is already known that The Devil Within: Satgat will arrive later this year. The expectation is that the game will be available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 6, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch and PC, the latter will arrive via Steam.

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