Sifu sold more than 2 million copies in just over a year.

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Credits: Kepler Interactive

Kepler Interactive announced that Sifu has already surpassed the mark of 2 million units sold. The game launched in February of last year for PC (via Epic Games) and PlayStation consoles, and in November for Switch. The figure was reached even before the launch of the Xbox and Steam versions that will take place next week.

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In the year 2022, Kepler Interactive’s revenue exceeded $50 million. This value is largely due to sales of Sifu and also of Scorn, although the studio has not released sales figures for that game.

Sifu will receive a new free mode along with new versions

Along with the release of Sifu on March 28 for Xbox and Steam comes the free Arenas expansion for all platforms. The new content will bring five new modes, nine arenas and 45 challenges. This mode will come to the Nintendo Switch version on another date yet to be announced.

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“Capture” mode requires the player to defeat multiple enemies within a bounded territory, until that area is conquered. “Manhunt” has one enemy as its main target, plus several others along the way. In “Time Attack”, you need to defeat as many enemies as possible within time. In addition to these, the “Survival” and “Performance” modes close the package.

“Whether you choose to play a male or female character, in Sifu you will reflect hard on your path of revenge, hunting down your family’s murderers. A one-on-all saga, with no allies, endless enemies, and a mysterious amulet that brings you back to life every time you die. But beware! You pay a high price for your secret weapon: aging and all its consequences.”

Sifu is a unique game that brings Kung-Fu like no other game has before. The game has combats with different mechanics, where it is not possible to advance only in blows, it is necessary to master the defense, parry, dodge, the different attacks and also what surrounds you.

The Sloclap-developed game was nominated for different categories at awards last year, such as this year’s Golden Joystick Awards, The Game Awards, and DICE Awards, but it didn’t win any awards. The British BAFTA Games Awards, taking place next week, nominated Sifu for Best Animation and Original Property. However, the game was awarded at smaller events, such as the French Les Pégases 2023 for Best Game Design.

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