Immortals of Aveum could get multiplayer after launch

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The first big project from Ascendant Studios, Immortals of Aveum it was noted for both being a magic-based FPS and the fact that it was essentially a single-player experience. However, game director and studio CEO Bret Robbins claims that This will likely change in an update released for the title after it hits stores..

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In an interview with the Epic Games website, Robbins stated that his team even considered and even worked on a multiplayer mode. “But we’re not ready to really talk about anything related to that topic. We are currently completely focused on the single player experience with the story.“, He explained.

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The addition of multiplayer to Immortals of Aveum wouldn’t be unusual considering the past of the team involved in its creation. Robbins, for example, worked as Creative Director of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Advanced Warfarebefore taking on the same role in a higher capacity in Call of Duty: WW2.

Immortals of Aveum will not have any kind of monetization

During the interview, Ascendant Studios also clarified that Immortals of Aveum will differ from other recent games in that it will not have. The company confirmed that since it is essentially a single player game, a constant internet connection will not be required.

Similarly, the game will not bring any type of microtransactions, season pass or DLC plan in its debut. According to Robbins, the developer keeps some elements of the game secret to pique the curiosity of the players and allow them to discover details of their universe for themselves.

I hope you all enjoy this world building a lot.“, explained the director. “For me, this is the culmination of everything I’ve talked about before, you know? We spent a lot of time and effort making sure the world was consistent in terms of combat and storytelling, and we tried to marry these elements well.“.

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