Digital Foundry: Patch 1004 improves Resident Evil 4 on all consoles; verify

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Credits: Steam/Reproduction

Even today (Friday the 14th) the Digital Foundry YouTube channel posted a new video analyzing the new Resident Evil 4 Remake update 1004 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. Detailed evaluation showed that the builds received welcome general improvements, but the game is still buggy. Verify:

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The new Resident Evil 4 remake update was released last week for consoles, but now we have a much more detailed look at the changes. In general, the PS5 has seen improvements in image quality and stability, while Xbox consoles have improved performance and become much more stable, especially the Series X.

At its launch, the PlayStation 5 version had quality problems and especially image stability, most noticeable with regard to jaggedness and high-contrast areas, which seemed to be a side effect of using simple scaling technology. This update greatly improves this on PlayStation 5 and is very close to the Xbox Series X version.

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However, it should be noted that the Series X version seems to have received a slight drop in image quality compared to the version and release with more aliasing, a general game issue, but one that this patch has made more apparent on screens. Xbox consoles.

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The video also shows some changes to reflections, such as in modes where Ray Tracing is not enabled. screen space reflections are no longer used, as they created some weird artifacts in some settings.

Another point to highlight is the performance on each of the platforms. There are several possible settings, but overall there was a performance improvement across all of them, even if they’re not necessarily locked to a specific frame rate.

Xbox has big performance gains

While the PS5’s default performance mode was already pretty stable at launch, and still is. Xbox Series X that had trouble maintaining 60 fps now runs without frame drops in this modeeven more stable than the PS5.

Image: Digital Casting/Reproduction

In conclusion, Resident Evil 4 Remake has received major key improvements since releases, but there is still more room for future changes, such as the quality of ray-traced reflections and the ability to lock the frame rate to 30fps for those who they do not have VRR-compatible displays.

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