Ghostwire: Tokyo works worse on Xbox Series X than on PlayStation 5

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Credits: Steam/Reproduction

Even today (Monday 17) Digital Foundryu’s YouTube channel published its new episode of its weekly podcast, called DF Direct Weekly, commenting on some of the main news of the last week. Within them, It’s been revealed that the team is looking into the Xbox Series X|S version of Ghostwire Tokyo, and they’ve already hinted that it’s not as good on those consoles as it is on the PS5 in almost every way.

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The comment was made by Oliver Mackenzie, who is reviewing the Xbox versions of Ghostwire: Tokyo as a comment on the state of Redfall at 30fps on consoles. They begin to comment on the recently launched game for the new platform at minute 11:28 of the podcast, which can be accessed on YouTube with video.

Digital Foundry should probably post a full video reviewing the Xbox version of the game in the future, but we already have images and impressions from the channel on the state of the game. Ghostwire Tokyo didn’t do as well on PlayStation 5 anymore, especially considering its no-fps cap modes, but it did come to Xbox Series X a year later in a somewhat worse state in performance, image quality and Ray Tracing.

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According to Oliver, the effects of reflections on Ray Tracing has lower quality, there are issues with ray tracing shadows and also the shadows are less aligned on the xbox version. Xbox Series X quality mode is also seen they have a slightly lower resolution than the PS5, although the pixel numbers were not specified.

Performance also seems worse on Xbox

On top of all this, there is a noticeable performance difference between the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions. Oliver noticed a difference ranging from 5% to 10% downside performance for Series X, analyzing the same scenarios. On Series S there are only two modes without ray tracing.

Image: Digital Casting/Reproduction

What is most striking is that the Ghostwire Tokyo studio is part of Microsoft and its launch for its consoles came a year after the launch for PS5, but this did not result in anything like an improvement or polish for Xbox Series X | S.

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Via: WCCFTech Source: Digital Foundry

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